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Most Customer like you, like others, have some basic questions which we think we can offer you directly anwer here, to help you save time and money.

Burned human hair has a unique odor, mainly derived from the smell of protein and calcium, non-irritating. Burning ashes are black spherical particles, broken by hand twisting.

Complete cuticle aligned human hair washing is simple and fast, you can use ordinary shampoo, no knots in the water, not frizzy after washing, you can rub at will, after washing, the complete cuticle aligned human hair has good luster, not easy to deform, and finally use conditioner for two minutes.

When complete cuticle aligned human hair is dyed, the cuticle on the hair is dyed slowly, and the tail fades slowly, which requires more professional hairstylists to observe and operate. After dyeing, the color is brighter, the luster is better, and the hair is not easy to be dry. It is the first choice for professional hairstylists. Because it is complete cuticle aligned human hair, the service life is more than 10 times that of regular human hair.

Because the hair cuticles, fur texture, and hair pith are well preserved, the toughness is good, and the direction of the hair cuticles is the same, complete cuticle aligned human hair is more resistant to acids and alkalis when perming, and is not easily damaged, can be made in various styles, with high toughness, good elasticity, luster, and long-lasting hairstyle.

Firstly, afraid of strong acid corrosion, hair cuticles will be shrink.
Secondly, afraid of strong alkali burning, hair cuticles will be destroyed.

Therefore, the perm-dyeing potion has great damage to the hair cuticles. You should use weak alkaline shampoos and conditioners to maintain your hair.

Care first and then wash: For dry and tangled hair, moisturize the hair with conditioner before shampooing, then comb through the hair and rinse it with warm water (40 celsius degrees). Then wash your hair with shampoo, and then use the conditioner, which will double the smoothness of your hair. Hair mask care should be done at least once a week.

It’s best to do a nutrition hair oil maintenance every two month, and apply the ointment to the hair evenly during the soothing, and keep the hair loose and natural.

As long as you can insist on hair maintenance and care, it won’t take long time for your hair to become soft and smooth. The most important thing is to stick to it! The most taboo thing about making a hair mask is to catch fish for three days and dry the net for two days, because once you stop, you will waste the efforts already made and your hair will soon return to the dry state before treatment. The cuticle aligned wigs become more beautiful as they are washed, and they are not easy to knot. More use of conditioner can properly extend the life of over-acid hair.

Hair structure: Each hair consists of a cuticle layer, cortex layer, and medulla layer. The cuticle layer is the outermost layer of hair and usually consists of 2 to 4 layers of cuticle. The cuticle layer is usually translucent or colorless, so it can let out natural hair color; the cortex layer accounts for 80% of the hair, where natural pigments are deposited, the natural hair color is due to it; the medullary layer is located on the head In the center, it is composed of many small bubbles.

Classification of wigs: artificial wig, fiber, high-temperature silk, real human hair, over-acid wig, complete cuticle aligned hair.

  • The hair itself does not have a pH value. What we call pH value refers to the pH value of the secretions around the hair.
  • pH value is the indication of acidity and alkalinity, which refers to how much acidity and alkalinity there are in the aqueous solution. It is expressed as numbers at 25℃. From 0 to 14, 7 is neutral, above 7 is alkaline, below 7 is acidic, and the pH of the hair between 4.5 and 5.5 is the best health state.
  • Because when the hair encounters alkalinity, the cuticle layers will open and split, the hair becomes rough and porous, and the effect of perming and dyeing cannot be achieved. The cuticle layer is closed when encountering acid, and the hair maintains a natural pH value of 4.5 to 5.5. The hair has good texture and luster, and it is easy to achieve the effect of perming and dyeing.

pH of hair is 4.5 ~ 5.5
pH of shampoo is 6.5 ~ 6.5
pH of hair conditioner is 2.8 ~ 3.5
pH of perm agent is 8.8 ~ 9.5
pH of hair dye is 9.0 ~ 10.0
pH of seawater is 7.9 ~ 8.5
pH of hair straightener is 11.5 ~ 14.0

In general, the higher the PH value, the worse the hair quality. More than 8 is damaged hair.

Hair shapes can be divided into three types: straight hair, wavy curly hair, and naturally curly hair. The cross-section of straight hair is round, the cross-section of wavy curly hair is oval, the cross-section of naturally curly hair is flat, and the thickness of the hair has nothing to do with whether the hair is straight, wavy, or curly.

You can’t recover your damaged hair yourself. You can only rely on hair care to make your hair smooth and shiny, but this smoothness and luster is the result of care products, hair is not really healthy

To be smooth, first of all, your hair must be straight. Even if the hair is healthy, curly hair will not have the luster and texture like straight hair.

The softness and smoothness of curls can only be felt by hand, the visual effect is not as good as you think.

If the hair ends of the cuticles are damaged, the hair ends can be trimmed appropriately or the hair ends can be care more.

Over-acid hair must be heated and care (50 degrees Celsius) for half an hour to extend the service life.

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